8 Hiring Tips to Make Your Restaurant More Profitable

Finding real “can do” employees can mean the difference between rampant turnover or sustained growth, safety and profitability for your restaurant.  Successful restaurant operators view people as an investment, not as a cost.  They’ve mastered the understanding of great hiring and know the detriment poor service can have on a restaurant’s safety and profitability.

The average cost to hire someone is $1,000, so by lowering your turnover rate even slightly it can reduce your expenses drastically each year.  Next time you begin the hiring process with a new candidate, remember these tips to help save your restaurant money in the long run.

  1. Conduct at least two interviews, check the candidate’s references and do a thorough background check.
  2. Do not look to just hire students. Older adults can have as much free time and an even better availability to fit your restaurant’s schedule.
  3. Always ask: “ Why did you leave your last job?’ It gives you an idea of what is important to the candidate in the employer.
  4. Have other members of your team meet the candidate. You will be able to see how they interact with the team they could be potentially working with.
  5. Look for smart, ambitious and humble traits.
  6. Ask for examples of how the applicant has helped other people in the past. Even if they don’t have industry experience, things like volunteering or donating to charity are proof of a sense of service to others.
  7. Utilize websites like SnagAJob.com that are targeted toward hourly workers or restaurant job-seekers.
  8. Pay attention to how you’re treated at other restaurants. If someone really impresses you, tell them you’d like them to consider working for you.

Next time you sit down and interview a candidate, think about that hire interacting with customers, preparing food, managing equipment and being responsible for best safety practices.  The more well-rounded the new hire is, the longer you will want them around and the less money you will waste on turn over.

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