The Holidays Can Bring an Increase in Crime

The holidays can be a great time for restaurant business with the increase of traffic and customers to the stores.  However, while the holidays certainly bring out more customers, they also bring out more of the bad guys.

It has been found that the peak time of year for criminal activity is between Thanksgiving and New Years.  While it can be hard to manage the increased traffic, it shouldn’t be an excuse to let your guard down in criminal prevention.  Some of the most common holiday crimes are theft, shoplifting, robbery, and assault.  Use these following tips to help prevent any potential crimes that could occur:

  • Once the restaurant is emptied of guests, make sure the management locks all the exterior doors and sets your alarm system to stay.
  • Never count or collect money in front of open windows or doors with windows that can be seen from the outside.
  • Turn on all exterior lighting.
  • Make sure that employees leave in groups, never solo. Criminals target food and beverage employees, as they are aware that they usually leave with cash.
  • Do not make night deposits. If you have to make night deposits most city police departments have some type of program that you can arrange for a police escort.
  • Do not keep all of your restaurant deposits in your safe over the entire weekend as most restaurant hold ups are done on either Saturday or Sunday nights. The criminals are obviously aware of when the money is there.

Stay prepared and keep your staff updated on all recommended tips above to help your restaurant prevent any potential crimes.  Going over all safety procedures pre-holiday season can be a good way to remind everyone of the best practices to help prevent crime.

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