Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Injuries employees sustain on the workplace premises or anywhere else while the employee is acting in the “course and scope” of employment are covered if their employer has workers’ comp insurance.

For example, the leading cause of workers comp death claims is traffic accidents that occur when the employee is in a vehicle for work purposes, whether the trip is made in the company’s car or the employee’s own vehicle. Accidents driving to and from work are not covered.

A restaurant can be a hazardous workplace for employees. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, some of the most common restaurant workplace injuries are:

  • Slips, trips and falls
    • These injuries can come wet and slippery floors due to spills or poor housekeeping and can cause bruises, sprains and strains (a third of all reported restaurant injuries).
  • Cuts
    • These injuries can be caused by slicing and baking machines or broken dishware.
  • Burns
    • Hot surfaces, deep fryers and hot grease can burn restaurant employees in the workplace.
  • Chemicals
    • Employee exposure to cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance chemicals can create respiratory problems as well as skin and eye irritation.

In addition to injuries from accidents, workers’ comp covers injuries employees may sustain from other events that may occur while they are working, including workplace violence, terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

Workers’ comp insurance also covers certain illnesses and occupational diseases (defined in the state statutes) contracted as a result of employment. For example, employees who work with toxic chemicals can be made ill by exposure to the chemicals.

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