What is a National Safety Program?

Besnard Advisors can manage a national safety program designed to encourage safe work practices in your restaurant and includes the following:

  • Safety training equipment
  • Safety training videos, posters and brochures
  • Employment screening practices
  • On-site workplace safety evaluations
  • Setup of safety incentive programs
  • Recommendations regarding personal protective equipment
  • Open access to Field Safety Specialists who are actively involved with all aspects of workplace safety and accident/injury prevention

Should an accident or injury occur, our Risk Management Claims Unit aggressively monitors our carrier and their administrator to ensure that all claims are investigated properly and handled pursuant to industry best practices, and to authorize investigative and surveillance services as needed. We’re able to control workers’ compensation costs by working closely with adjusters to ensure quality and prompt claim management.

Additionally, our workers’ compensation annual review helps your business review key claims and target key programs to improve those targeted areas.

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