What Treatment & Benefits do Injured Workers Receive?

As a business owner, it’s important to understand what treatments and benefits your injured workers will receive if they are injured in the workplace.

While the specifics of these benefits can vary from state to state, workers injured on the job are generally entitled to four basic benefits:

  • Medical treatment
    • Insurance covers the medical bills appropriate and reasonably required to cure or alleviate the effects of the injury.
  • Disability payments
    • If the injury prevents an employee from working, these payments are partial compensation for lost wages.
  • Permanent disability settlement
    • If the injury causes permanent restrictions on the employee, this compensation is paid out and based on the significance of the disability
  • Vocational rehabilitation
    • If the injury impairs the employee to a point where they can no longer do the work required by your business, this covers paid training in new employment.

Injured workers receive all medically necessary and appropriate treatment. With medical costs soaring, many states have adopted measures designed to rein in expenditures. These include utilization management guidelines, which describe acceptable treatment protocols and diagnostic tests for specific injuries.

Income replacement benefits are based on whether the disability is total or partial and whether it is permanent or temporary. Impairment is generally defined as a reduction in earnings capacity, sometimes using the American Medical Association’s criteria.

Most states require that benefits be paid for the duration of the disability, but some specify a maximum number of weeks, particularly for temporary disabilities. The benefit amount is a percentage of the worker’s weekly wage. The average weekly wage for an employee can vary from state to state. Some states set a “state average weekly wage” based on the average incomes of workers in that particular state.

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